In early 2021, Jane Barrett did some research and found the Lawyers with Disabilities Division (the “LDD“) connected to the Law Society of England and Wales. Realising the LDD was in place for over 30 years, she felt there was a place for a similar network in Ireland.

With the help of the Law Society of Ireland, solicitors, trainee solicitors and company secretaries came together via zoom in April 2021 to discuss the possibility of setting up a similar group here. It was agreed at this meeting that to be as inclusive as possible, the network should be established outside the Law Society and welcome all those working in the legal sector, similar to the Outlaw Network.

Jane, with the support of William Fry, co-ordinated the first Steering Committee meeting in May 2021, where the mission statement of the network was agreed.

About Page Image - 3D Illustration of connected spheres. Network Concept.

Our Mission

To promote equal opportunities for people with disabilities within the legal sector.

Our Vision

A more inclusive legal sector.

Our Values

Diversity & Inclusion.

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